“Transducer protectors” used in dialysis, are connected to blood tubing to keep patients from cross-contaminating the dialysis machine. Finetech developed and manufactured it first in Asia from 2005. More than 30 million pieces have been sold to long terms customers, especially to blood tubing factories that requires good quality products.


   “Syringe filters” used in pre-filtration of samples before they are injected into the GC/HPLC column.


    We were the only manufacturer in Taiwan from 2010. We have plenty of different types of fluid and air filters to satisfy the needs of any customers. Syringe filters are applied in food, environmental, medicine, and chemical tests. We have exported to 36 different countries in 2017. From 2015, Finetech has developed GC/LC sample vials, caps, and septa with quality equivalent to famous brands from USA or Europe; according to conducted comparison tests. Similar quality, but with half the price allows for it to quickly occupy the local markets. Our GC/HPLC vials, caps, and septa had been sold to many countries.   


    Membrane filters with different diameters and materials, such as Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, CA, MCE, PES, and RC membranes, supplies customers with more choices for use of different solvents in filtration.


  Glass microfiber filters from Finetech were manufactured in class 10,000 clean room. Environmental inspection of air, water, and soil are the main applications of glass microfibers. The second application of glass microfibers filters are in the life science field. Our models are comparable with Whatman such as the MGA of Finetech, which is equivalent to GF/A of Whatman.


    We supply not only chromatography consumables for GC/HPLC, but also for life science fields, including 15mL & 50mL centrifuge tubes, sterile syringe filters, Vacuum filters, Rubber Septa, and QuEChERS.


     Finetech strives to keep innovating to have new products with high quality and lower prices every year. For more information about our products please browse our website.